Latest eye frames trends according to personality and lifestyle



This article will guide you on what type of eye frames one should pick when they are in a certain phase in life. Though there is definitely your own personal taste that you should definitely allow to bloom. When you are picking any eye frames whether it is a cat eye or frameless glass make sure you are visiting your doctor to know what will be the appropriate type of lens that you should be opting for.


  • Serious business: If you are a businessman then you will be needing an eye frame that will show your confidence and will instill trust. All the colleagues or business clients should always go for the conservative frame colours and shapes. Always consider the frames that can enhance the professional image of yours. Always pick the classic shapes like almonds, rectangle or oval. You should opt for a colour like black, gray, silver, gold, or brown. If you are opting for the plastic frames, make sure you are not picking the unusual shape or any frames with bright colours. You can go for the stainless steel and titanium glasses that are frameless glass. For men, they can go for the gunmetal, black, silver and brown because it will help them to get those conservative tones and will also match with their business suits. For women, they should definitely go for silver, burgundy, brown, black, espresso and golden tones. You can adapt the patterns of classic tortoise because they highly compliment business attire.


  • Students: Whether you are a student of French, literature, arts, Engineering or business, college is the right time for developing your identity and to show off your taste in style. You can definitely try out those large eye frames with colours and can go a little leeway when you are opting for the eye frames styling. Go for bright colours, interesting details, unusual shapes, larger sizes along with  colour lamination. If you are into the retro look or you just want to try out those intellectual or sober look, you will have a different kind of eye frames to meet these eye frames demand of yours. Let your eye frames express for yourself.


  • Fashion savvy and creativity: If you are a fashionista and want to showcase your creative style with modern eye frames shapes along with geometric design in a large thick plastic frame then you should definitely opt for the metal frames. You should definitely go for those eye frames that have large sized glasses and go for unusual colours like green, purple or blue. You can definitely buy the lamination in multicolour along with animal or flower prints. There is also edge-cut detailing in several frames which will give you those very modern and unusual look. Going vintage or retro will definitely exaggerate your styling.


Consider your face shape when you are opting for an eye frame because eye frames shouldn’t be too big or too small and should always compliment your face shape. Make sure you always have more than one pair of glasses in your accessory box every time.