How to become a successful SEO reseller?


Internet marketing is today’s trends. From small businesses to big corporates, everyone is in a cat fight to get a better exposure online. For that, the primary requirement that needs to be met is having a website. Naturally, almost everyone owns a website and that’s not limited to just business firms, but encompasses individuals, organizations, and enterprises of all types. Obviously, the web is flooded with thousands of websites and more are coming up every day.

And these web owners want the best exposure that they can get. Naturally, they opt to hire SEO services that can take them to the top of the search results and give them the boost that they have been looking for. But many aren’t quite sure about how to find the best SEO firm for themselves. That’s exactly where SEO resellers come in. These resellers guide the novice clients to trusted SEO providers and make a profit in turn. Believe it or not, reselling SEO has lucrative financial benefits, which is why more people are interested in becoming resellers than providers.

Succeeding as an SEO reseller

SEO resellers may earn good profits, but not without doing nothing. They, too, need to be methodical and dedicated if good profit is to be earned. Following the steps mentioned below is important if you want to make it big in the field of SEO reselling:

Plan your course of action – The first step is to chart your business plan. Decide the number of clients that you want to get per month. How would fulfill that target? How would you charge your clients? Which SEO provider would you resell to? And so on. Before you make your move, have your plan ready.

Build your brand – Your clients would be those that are looking to build a brand for themselves and if you can show them that you are a brand yourself, they would easily put their trust on you. Build a nice, professional website and promote it religiously. Let people know your services via your brand name and rank high in search engine results as SEO resellers and you will be able to easily impress your clients.

Draw a contract – SEO resellers often come across a variety of clients as well as service providers and not all are of the same type. There will always be someone or the other who would pose a problem to you in terms of finances and so a contract elaborating and detailing your service and payment terms is very important if you do want to lose money to some crackpot and end up with a bad repute.

Don’t sell cheap – Though it may sound a bit counter-productive, but do not offer your services at a low cost. That will get you nowhere in the long run. Instead, get up a reasonable pricing chart for your services that will give you a good profit margin for every sell that you make so that you do not have to cram yourself up with loads of clients who pay just peanuts for your service.