How to avoid blocking your drains?


A properly functioning drainage system is quite important to ensure that your home or office remains clean and dry. Any malfunction and you could face a number of problems that may haunt you for days and persist till you hire professional drain unblockers Auckland who will be able to solve the issues that have cropped up. This would mean unnecessary expenses that could affect your finances quite significantly if the problems occur repeatedly.

That is why, it important that you take certain precautions to ensure that your drainage doesn’t get blocked too often and functions properly. The following steps can help you in the proper maintenance of your drains:

Watch your kitchen sink – It has been often noted that clogging in the drains often start because of what you allow to pass through the kitchen sink. Do not let leftover dry food crumbs to pass along with water when you clean your dishes. Make sure that you scrape off any food that sticks to the dishes before you start washing them. The same stands for items like grease, tea leaves, coffee grounds, etc. which may clog the drains over time.

Fish out small items – You may not always like doing it, but drain unblockers Auckland suggest that homeowners should always inspect the drains and pull out any small item that may find in the drains. That may include little things such as pins, coins, buttons, etc. that may fall into the drains unknowingly and may cause clogging by accumulating other dust particles, hair, etc. and cause a real mess.

Inspect the stoppers – Drain stoppers must be inspected and clean regularly, if possible daily, if you do not want future troubles in the form of blocked drains. These stoppers accumulate soap scum as well as hair every day and cleaning them every day will ensure that none of these escape into your drainage pipes and necessitate the need of drain unblockers Auckland to pull you out of the mess.

Do not flush napkins – People often have a tendency to flush napkins and wipes after using them, irrespective of whether they be hand napkins or toilet napkins. But if you do not want your drains clogged up too often, you need to refrain from doing that totally. These napkins are, in no way, completely disintegrable and thus, the small remains may get accumulated in the pipes and cause blockage over the course of time. The same applies to baby napkins, sanitary napkins, tampons, etc. They must be thrown away along with the garbage and not flushed down.

Professional drain unblockers Auckland also suggest that if you are revamping your drainage system or building a new house for yourself, it would be wiser that you choose wider pipes for your drainage system. This will ensure that dust, grime, hair and other small particles can easily flow out along with the water and prevent clogging to a great extent. However, it is important that you follow the above-mentioned daily hacks to ensure that you do not have to hire drain unblockers Auckland too often.