Choose the engagement ring according to your fiancé’s profession


A ring has much to do at a wedding. The profession of the fiancé is an important thing to consider. Her taste and preferences for her accessories are very important as because she would never wear the accessories gladly if it is not her choice. The choice basically depends upon the shape of the fingers and even the height and width. The size of each of the stone even affects the appearance. For example, the size of the stone is 0.55 to 0.75 ct, it would surely look massive on small fingers. But the same size would look a little smaller in larger height and width fingers. The sizes matter a lot for bride’s fingers. It must be also matching with the attire of the bride. Though buying an engagement ring is completely an act of romanticism, but you need to consider some of the practical things before going for the long term investment.

Different types of setting in engagement rings

Stone setting is of different types and each is having a unique design apart from the other one. Some of the settings looks really beautiful and matches the grand occasion. The types of ring setting for engagement are mentioned below:

  • Bezel set: The fine setting of bezel would surely represent a sound metal surrounding along the side of the stone. It is generally used for solitaire.


  • Pave set: Numerous small and delicate diamonds are studded all around. The pave set setting is ideal for engagements and for combinations of a wedding


  • Channel set: The channel set is generally dug upon with a band. The stones are then arranged while cutting it one against the other one. It has a seamless look. The edges of the ring channel really look striking and can be made fine enough depending on the requirements of the bride. The pattern of the stone carving can be adjusted accordingly to the bride’s preference.


Different styles of rings for engagement

The engagement rings are of various styles and types. Starting from the modern and contemporary it can be brought according to individual preferences and style. Rings can be both traditional and classical. It can be made based upon the vintage crafting style. Some even like the engagement rings to be of Victorian and the Georgian style. The style depends on the generation in which the bride belongs to. The bride who is a professional like a nurse, athletes, therapist prefers sleek and simple engagement rings as they have to make use of their hands and a heavy stone studded design would exaggerate the complication. The elevated diamonds studded rings are not liked by professionals as they are good for occasional were not everyday use. If the ring is made up of heavy stone then while in action one needs to remove the ring and this is not preferred by all woman. For that woman who likes to spend more time in the garden, cooking or cleaning the house a solitaire is the best choice as an engagement ring.