Cattery Auckland


The Cattery Auckland service provider offers high-quality cattery service and they provide a wide range of pet care services.  They offer the essentials like food, toys on request, vaccinations, and also they perform ultrasound procedures and surgeries. The cattery Auckland offers the best and professional services.

Cattery Auckland Veterinary is a special pet care provider located in Auckland. The service is available all seven days and they offer services, including:

  • A large range of pet care and veterinary services
  • On-site cattery services
  • Puppy training classes
  • Cat & dog food, toys, and pet care products
  • Pet export services

Cattery Auckland offers complete cattery services and they take particular care in providing special care to all their pets’ guests.


Vaccination:  Your cats and pets to be vaccinated within a year.  Also, all flu vaccinations must be given and they should be completed two weeks before you put them in the cattery. You should also bring your pet’s vaccination card to the Cattery Auckland. It is compulsory to get vaccinated your cats all the time, especially during peak times.  The rush time includes Labor weekends, Easter Weekend, December 20th to January 10th and sometimes school holidays. You should inform the service provider at the time of booking if your cat did not get vaccinated in last 12 months.

In case, if you bring non-vaccinated cat during the non-peak times to cattery, then the cattery Auckland service providers isolate the cat and also charge extra cost for the service.

Contact details: Once you visit the cattery, they will ask for your contact details so that you can leave your cat without any fear. They will inform you immediately if your cat gets ill or in an emergency, or they will email you or text you if needed.  If you are out of the country or you don’t want to get the phone call, then you can give details of the person who takes care of your pet emergencies.

Admission Time:  You should give at least five to ten minutes time for your cat’s admission to the cattery. The service providers will ask quite a few questions to make sure that you have given proper care.  You need to provide your departure dates, flea and worm treatments, last vaccination date, dietary needs, and any medications if needed.

Dietary:  The cattery Auckland feed high-quality dry foods like Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, or Iams. Older cats and kittens formulation depends on their age. If your cat eats wet foods, then they can provide Fish, chicken, Iams, or Beef Flavors. If your pet eats only particular foods, then you ask them to supply that particular food to your pet or you can bring the food from your home.  If your pet eats only certain prescription diet, then ask them if they can provide the diet before booking.


Medications: If your cat is on daily medication, then the cattery Auckland will take care of these requirements if you inform them before. If your pet has a kidney dysfunction, or diabetic, or having any wounds, or recovering from surgeries, then they can take care of your pet while you are away from home.  If your pet needs close monitoring, then they will charge an extra fee that will be discussed when you want to admit your cat. You should also supply your pet’s medications at the time of admission.