Different types of dishwashers to choose from


Dishwasher is an essential tool in every kitchen. They also come in a number of designs, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to make a selection exactly according to your kitchen type. Given below is a list of the different types of dishwasher to choose from.

  1. Compact dishwasher

Compact dishwasher is ideal for those who have been looking for a flexible model that can be conveniently fitted into smaller kitchens without creating any space issue. Compact dishwasher is usually built into the counters and can work very efficiently even with the smaller loads. They either have a one or two drawer design or come in tall or wide designs. Such dishwasher appears as kitchen cabinets rather than a standalone unit. They are also known as drawer dishwasher or dishwasher drawer.

  1. Freestanding dishwasher

These are the most common dishwashers available in the market. When customers are looking for a dishwasher, they often settle for one of these. As a freestanding unit, they can be fitted into any gap in the kitchen counter or even under the counters, depending on their height. Buy kitchen appliance online.

  1. Fully and semi integrated dishwasher

These are also known as the built in dishwashers. They are either fully integrated or semi integrated into the kitchens. They are also very stylish and add a highly modern appeal to the kitchen. Installing a fully integrated dishwasher with a design that matches your kitchen counter will give a seamless appearance and allow the unit to be fitted perfectly into the cabinet. A perfect fit semi integrated dishwasher is the one that can be put under the counter without leaving a gap in between. However, in this case, the front will not appear seamless to the kitchen cabinet. These dishwashers are strictly meant to be used with a benchtop.

  1. Slimline, small and compact dishwasher

The largely sized dishwasher can be pretty non-functional for customers with a small kitchen or smaller families. Opting for a Slimline dishwasher can be an effective in dealing with this constraint. Slimline dishwasher is only 45 cm wide and has 9 place settings. However, if you can do with the one that has 4 place settings, a compact dishwasher would be ideal. They are almost half as tall as the freestanding units and can help you save space without having to compromise on the function.

  1. Countertop dishwasher

This type of dishwasher has a very small capacity and can be generally placed over countertops. They also go by the name of bench top and portable dishwashers and are ideal for people who frequently keep moving places and cannot do without a dishwasher. The small size also makes it convenient for single dwellers who do not have a dishwasher in the rental property.

  1. Color and finishing

Dishwashers come in a number of colors and finishes. Some have a plastic door while others can have steel or a glass door. The standard dimension is 600mm wide, 600mm deep and 820 mm high. The selection can be made depending on the aesthetics of the kitchen and the features that are needed.