Family business providing personalised fire protection systems

Hi, my name is Peter Donald I own and operate Capital Fire Extinguishers.

Since 2000 we have provided Greater Wellington with fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and fire protection systems.

Highly experienced and certified

Put your faith and the safety of your business and staff in reliable and experienced tradesmen. I have been involved in the fire protection industry since 1969 and we are members of the Fire Protection Association and are Lloyds, DNV and IQP registered.

Family based business providing a personal service

Get a system designed system designed to your exact needs. Unlike many fire alarm suppliers and technicians, being a small family business allows us to provide you a personal and personalised service.

24 hour service

You need to know that you and your business is safe and well protected. With Capital Fire Extinguishers, you get the peace of mind that you can get the service you need when you need it.

Mobile workshop

For your convenience, we provide a mobile workshop that carries nearly all the tools and gear needed to complete any job.

This means that whenever we are on your site for fire alarms, fire extinguishers or other services, we are able to complete any other jobs you may require.


Fire protection and evacuation plans for all buildings and businesses

It’s more than just fire alarms and fire extinguishers, you need to make sure the people in your building know when there is a fire and know what to do.

IQP registered for all checks and maintenance

Specific safety systems in buildings have to have a checking regime according to their compliance schedule. We are registered to check the following:
Fire alarms
Emergency lighting alarms and systems
Building signs
Fire separation
Safety barriers
Means of escape
Disabled access
Fire hose reels
How often you need your checking regime?

The frequency of your tests and checks are detailed in your building’s compliance schedule given to you by the council. We can work out with you what you need done, how often and to which standard.

IQP reporting and building warrant of fitness

Get all your IQP reports and building WOF reports from a team you can trust. When your reports are due, talk to us and we can take you through the whole process, to issuing you a 12a form.

Please feel free to talk to us about your business’ requirements for fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment.



Make sure your business is prepared in the event of a fire

Fire extinguishers play a huge part in fire protection and fire safety. By making sure you have the appropriate fire extinguishers in your building, you put your business and staff in safe hands.

Fire extinguishers for sale

As fire extinguisher suppliers, we provide a huge range of different types of fire extinguishers for all uses. Please feel free to talk us about your requirements for extinguishers, fire alarms or fire protection methods.

Ensuring you have the correct fire extinguisher

We will always make sure you get the best fire extinguisher to suit your needs. Please note the list below of types of fire extinguishers and their different uses:
CO2 fire extinguishers: electrical fires
Dry powder fire extinguishers: all purpose (except phosphates)
Foam fire extinguishers: everything but electrical
Water fire extinguishers: paper and wood (stay away from electrical and flammable liquids)
Wet chemical fire extinguishers: cooking fires only
Fire blankets: smothering fires (mainly cooking fires)
We also provide a range of different brands, from Amerex to Chubb fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher maintenance and servicing

With annual service checks and a five yearly test and recharge, you can be sure your extinguishers are working effectively and as they should. We also provide maintenance and service for fire alarms.



Don’t risk the safety of your staff and business

Fires can cause a huge amount of damage to your building, let us help you…

Alert you and your staff of any fire in your building with fire alarm systems

Counter small fires with fire extinguishers and fire safety supplies

Ensure your building is secure with IQP fire safety building services

Alarm sale, installation and maintenance
Use an experienced professional to install and maintain your fire alarms so you know your business is well protected.

Wide range of top quality fire extinguishers
With fire extinguishers suited to your needs and a maintenance plan, you can rest assured you have the protection you need.

IQP building services and WOF checks
Make sure your building meets fire protection and safety standards – and get the service to make it meet your requirements.

Protect your business and staff with reliable fire alarm systems

Don’t risk your assets and personnel with an unreliable fire alarm system. We provide thorough fire alarm installation jobs so you can get the peace of mind that you are well protected.

Fire alarm system design

Get a fire alarm set up designed to meet your exact needs and requirements. We can design your system to meet your fire report or your own specific requirements.

All our alarm designs, fire extinguishers and fire protection plans are made to meet NZS4512 standards.

Fire alarm installation

Get your fire alarms and fire extinguishers installed by an experienced professional so you can be sure that you and your business is safe! You need to know that your alarm is installed correctly and we provide you with exactly that!

Fire alarm maintenance and service

With monthly or annual service checks of your fire alarm system, you can be sure everything is working correctly and get all the repairs to ensure your building is safe with adequate fire protection.

Home smoke alarm installation

Protect your family and your possessions. Fire can spread so quickly you need to know you have the appropriate fire alarm system to counter it. We provide both interconnected and stand alone systems.

Please note that we also provide a wide range of fire extinguishers.